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What’s bigger than dinosaurs? Giant robots. What’s bigger than giant robots? Godzilla. What’s bigger than Godzilla? Freakin’ outer space! Where a bunch of aliens are busy guarding the galaxy.
There nothing that can compare with bigness. But sometimes, even the thought of “bigness” is an understatement when you find something that can contain all these things and add in a huge dose of fun and thrills. Prepare for the biggest one yet! It’s time for TOYCON 2014!! Continue reading

Blogs : Back to School

Blackboard with chalk

Seriously !!! I want to extend vacation. When I heard the word school, the only thing that comes to my mind is MATH (Mental Abuse To Human).


When I became the President of the United States of America. I will put a new law that all school should have 6 month of vacation twice a year… Just kidding.


I list some things, the reason why I like and I hate to go back in school.

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